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Test Development


Beginning the Credentialing Process

PTC has broad experience with all aspects of the credentialing process and will consult on establishing a new certification program or improve an existing one. Good planning early on leads to a sound, organized, efficient, and cost-effective certification program.

Role Delineation

PTC's role delineation professionals can provide the necessary assistance and guidance to a credentialing organization needing to develop a new job analysis or update an existing one. The development of valid and legally defensible credentialing examinations often begins with a properly documented, accurate, and broadly agreed upon delineation of the body of knowledge essential to competent practice and practitioner roles and functions. PTC will lead clients through the role delineation process including the development of the survey instrument, administration of the survey electronically or through the mail, data analysis, linkage to test specifications, and preparation of a final report including recommendations for the program.

Development of Examination Content

PTC’s psychometric experts work with clients in the development of a content outline to ensure the initial and future appropriateness of the examination specifications in terms of evaluating the body of knowledge necessary for competent practice. Clients are guided in the different approaches available to solicit test items to ensure widely representative input reflecting different levels of experience, background, and specialization, as well as different geographical regions of the country. Item writing workshops are also available to teach clients appropriate item writing techniques to ensure items are psychometrically sound.

Item and Exam Review

PTC’s psychometric staff are uniquely qualified in item writing techniques AND measurement principles so you will have the best of both worlds with ONE testing professional who is thoroughly familiar with your particular program. During the review process, with a PTC representative and client subject matter experts, items will be reviewed and revised to ensure that they accurately represent the profession’s body of knowledge and conform to psychometric standards.